The kitchen is a space that requires a lot of light. Detail-oriented work like kitchen prep, cooking and even eating need plenty of natural light. So naturally, kitchens more than any other place in the home benefit most from an extra window or two. Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey offer more than just great lighting, though.

From double hung to gliders, casement or bay window options, you'll find the perfect look for your kitchen and match it with superior energy efficiency. Marvin windows offer sustainable and green solutions for your kitchen. Features like multiple glass layers, special sunlight reflective coatings that don't dim the view or inter-pane gases that provide insulation all boost your home's energy efficiency and save you 15 to 25 percent on monthly heating or cooling costs.

But while the decision to go with brand new fiberglass replacement windows is clear, where can you place them in your home to maximize on lighting – not to mention the view? Consider these four prime positions.

1. Behind your sink
How many dull evenings have you spent scrubbing dishes at the sink and wishing you could enjoy a panoramic view of your back garden or front yard? Placing double casement windows behind your sink provides a solution. And you can even crack the windows a bit if steam from the tap starts to fog up the glass.

2. As your stove's backsplash
This is a less common option, in part because typical backsplashes are made of tile or some other equally easy-to-clean material. However, glass can be just as easy provided you've got a good squeegee and the right cleaning solution. Plus, installing a window as part of your stove's backsplash immediately gives your home a unique vibe. Just take a look at some of the trendy examples on Houzz: these low-lying windows provide plenty of extra daytime illumination for chopping and mixing on kitchen counters, as well.

3. Beside your breakfast nook
Whether you're sitting down early on a weekday morning to enjoy your coffee before the commute to work or settling in on Sunday with the paper and a delicious breakfast spread, don't miss out on a great view from your nook! There are a few window options for this space, including a classic double-hung, but if you've got the space, an eat-in kitchen with a breakfast nook beside a bay window is definitely the way to go. Panoramic views of the outdoors are the perfect complement to any meal.

4. Overhead
Seldom do homeowners plan to remodel their kitchens and not include skylights. When it comes to getting the most natural illumination, there's no competition for these overhead openings. While they don't provide the views you get from your bay window breakfast nook or innovative backsplash, this overhead option does make for a great kitchen addition that's sure to work perfectly in concert with your other fiberglass replacement windows.

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