As a homeowner, you're aware that variety isn't just the spice of life, it's an essential part of decor. But it's also key to your home's functionality, too. And when it comes to the blending of function and decor in design, there's no aspect of your house, apartment or condo that embodies it more than your windows.

If you've been thinking about refurbishing your home's eyes to the outdoors, Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey may be the answer you're looking for. Take this opportunity to try something different. Rather than tradition double-hung or another familiar kind of window design, choose an alternative that gives your home a dynamic sense of character. Tilt Turn and Hopper windows can supply exactly that.

The benefits behind these unique windows
Tilt Turn windows offer some of the best versatility you'll find in fiberglass replacement windows. As their name suggests, these windows tilt themselves open but can also be turned, like more typical casement windows. With dual-functioning properties, this type of window provides superior ventilation for the room. Tilt Turn windows are also ideal for quick exits in the case of an emergency, and their multiple opening methods provide for easy cleaning. Marvin supplements the Tilt Turn design with features like keyed locks and a simulated double-hung look.

Most folks are familiar with Hopper windows from finished basements or garden-level apartment living. Marvin's Tilt-in Hopper windows provide the perfect companion to Tilt Turns, bringing in additional ventilation, but are also ideal for any room limited on wall space.

Marvin's extra features
Not only do Tilt Turn and Hopper windows offer unique design and versatility, but they're backed by Marvin's premium quality materials. Expect durable, good-looking cladding and premium design patterns. Marvin's custom capabilities mean that almost any divided lite pattern you can come up with is possible. Also, expect a range of energy-saving options that will boost your new windows' effectiveness while decreasing your home's carbon footprint. Insulating glass, specialized glazing and tri-pane options are just a few of the features that earn Marvin products' Energy Star's Most Efficient criteria for 2013. You can even choose from over 15 specialty glass styles to find the one that fits your privacy expectations and home design best.

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