Any investment you make should be one that lasts for you down the road, and this is particularly true when devoting time, money and energy to improving the design of your home. After all, you don't want to shell out a lot of money for a set of new windows or a kitchen only to find yourself in need of a replacement a couple of years later.

Luckily, Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey understands that a high-quality product is about more than just an attractive design, it's a home addition that will last well into the future. This balance of form and function is apparent in the beautiful and durable line of Ultimate Double Hung windows. Here are some of the great features these fiberglass replacement windows can bring to your humble abode.

The advantage of Ultimate Double Hung windows
Emphasizing an advanced construction with all the trimmings of classic window frame style, the Ultimate Double Hung windows are perfect for traditional or modern homes. Additionally, you can chose from a variety of different frame styles that feature a half round or elliptical upper sash.

An example of the customization available with Marvin replacement windows is the standard double hung window blended with an arched exterior frame. This hybrid design differentiates the basic frame with complementary arched and straight lines, bringing excitement and interest to your home's appeal. Or, you can go with the true radius upper sash and frame for a slim, arched construction that is truly elegant.

If you're working with a vintage home, the Ultimate Double Hung windows offer a variety of features that are ideal for historic renovations. For instance, the authentic and simulated divided lite patterns and profiles can enhance the antique appeal of your house.

Practical considerations
Beyond the aesthetic strengths of these attractive products, the Ultimate Double Hung windows are practical additions to any room. For starters, the integrated tilt lever lock enables the frame to be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. The sash lock and sash lift are also sturdy hardware accessories that can safely secure your windows while offering styles like satin taupe, bronze and antique brass.

You can also enjoy greater peace of mind when your windows are opening and closing with the Marvin Window Opening Control Device. This unique feature restricts the window to only opening 4 inches when the sash is open. You can choose to disengage the control device for a fully open window when you want it.

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