All lighting is not created equal, and it's probably not surprising that the very best around comes straight from the sun. This is one of the reasons that great window placement and quality window material matter just as much as what kind of light bulbs you buy for your home. Natural light has a lot to offer than lamps and bulbs can't match.

Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey give your home more than just a beautiful view of the outdoors. As you've probably noticed, many lamps cast glows that tend to throw off our color perception. Perhaps your desk lamp at work gives off a green or blue glow, and we're all familiar with fire's orange light. Sunlight however is full spectrum, which means that it best reveals the true colors in the world. Artificial sunlight lamps can be purchased, and these mimic the colors of full spectrum lighting, but nothing can quite replace a window full of illumination. Especially in certain rooms in your home.

If now's the time to switch to new fiberglass replacement windows, you'll want to think about which spaces will benefit the most from better and brighter sunlight. Consider these four locations in your home.

1. The foyer
A home's foyer is its portal to the outdoors, and as a result you'll want to let the space blend both the domestic and the natural. Lots of homeowners do this by placing potted plants or flowers in their foyer, or using natural hues in color schemes. Perhaps the best way to achieve this effect is with the crisp sunlight streaming in from brand new fiberglass windows.

2. The kitchen
Detail-oriented work requires excellent lighting, which is one of the reasons you'll always want an illuminated kitchen. But alongside lamps and overhead lighting, consider keeping your kitchen bright and sunny during daylight hours with broad picture windows or skylights. Just imagine slicing a red pepper or assembling a salad and enjoying the vibrant color as much as the smell or taste of your meal!

3. The studio
Of course, the studio isn't the only space where careful handiwork is required. Whether you're a painter by hobby or a jewelry artisan who sells your work online, any of your artistic pursuits require visual acuity and great lighting. The right lighting could make all the difference in your work, so set your studio up fiberglass replacement windows.

4. The bedroom
People rely on lighting in a number of subconscious ways, and in fact the vitamin D we get from direct sunlight can even contribute to our happiness. While there are inevitably mornings where you'll want to draw the curtains and sleep in, expansive windows and bright sunlight in the bedroom are always great ideas.

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