Homeowners may be tempted to stay traditional with their windows – after all, when has a square or rectangle ever gone wrong as a window shape? But from an aesthetic point of view, the last way you want your home to look is too boxy. So stop being square and consider what Marvin's round top fiberglass replacement windows can do for your space!

Round top windows look great when they're installed individually or as part of a group. Their rounded arches are both regal and familiar and look equally appropriate with a variety of architectural styles. Marvin Replacement Windows in New Jersey offers more than 1,000 variations on round top window sizes, and that's only the beginning of the customizations you can make. Choose from a variety of curves, including half and quarter rounds, ellipticals, inverted corners and even Gothic shapes, which are ideal for Victorian home renovation.

But where in your home will a new round top window fit best? Consider these four prime locations.

1. Stairwell
Stairwells can look okay with traditional casement or double-hung windows, but most folks want something more dynamic in their spaces. Without pushing the aesthetics too much, round top windows are a great way to add some variety and character to the stairs.

2. Bedroom
There's no hard and fast rule that says round top windows have to be narrow. If you want, extend the top of your round top window so that it has a very gradual bow shape to it. This look will almost mimic the sun rising over the horizon. It's a beautiful option for a panoramic space, like you might find from your second story master bedroom or guestroom. What better space to integrate a sunrise shape into than a bedroom?

3. Under a gable
You've considered how a round top window looks from the inside of your house, but what about your home's curb appeal? What can a window add there? A gable is the spot where the roof itself reaches an arch. One way to take advantage of your round top window is to echo the gable's arch with the window's own. Placing the round top window here creates a pleasant look, in which a window isn't at odds geometrically with the architecture above it. This is a small and subtle feature than neighbors may not immediately notice, but it lends a pleasing congruity to your home's design.

4. Dormer
This is another feature that looks as good from the outside as it does from within! Most dormers have gabled peaks, so a round top window is a shoe-in candidate here. Plus, this window is sure to look fantastic from the interior as well, flooding a top-floor room with light where it's needed most. You can choose from a tall, thin round top window or something more like the broad, panoramic look featured in the master or guest bedroom. Find what works best for the window from the inside while offering maximum curb appeal.

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