Bathrooms and windows wouldn't seem to mix, which is probably why so many of these spaces tend to get the majority of their sun via skylights. Unless you're brushing your teeth, the majority of bathroom activities require some degree of privacy, so unless you're in an isolated environment, you want to avoid giving neighbors an accidental view.

Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey can help you out with this, thanks to plenty of window design know-how and all the customization you could ask for. Curious about how you could enjoy a giant picture window in your home, or have a broader, brighter way to let the sunlight in? Consider these suggestions.

Face a garden wall
Houzz has a variety of great pictures detailing the benefits of bathrooms that abut on home gardens. In fact, some of them feature glass showers protruding right out in the middle of Mother Nature. While you might not want to go this modernist with your design, keep in mind that a bathroom window that looks out at a home garden can always use the garden wall to block unwanted line of sight. And all that natural flora could make for the perfect view from your tub as you're unwinding in the afternoon.

Stick with a clerestory
Clerestory is another word for a window suspended high on a wall. Although traditionally used in terms of church architecture, clerestories have long been common in residences – especially spaces where homeowners want to preserve privacy but bring in plenty of light. The bathroom is just such a place for most folks. Installing a long, thin window above eye level in your bathroom will flood the space with light and offer a panoramic view of blue skies without jeopardizing your peace of mind.

Choose the best glass option
Fiberglass replacement windows can be customized with options that are specially designed to allow for greater privacy in any room of the house. Alongside beveled sides and various tints, Marvin windows can be made with obscuring glass options in a variety of looks, from reeded to sandblasted, beaded or a style reminiscent of rain rivulets. These are also great for diffusing some of the light coming into your bathroom, in case you'd prefer a soft glow as opposed to too much direct sun.

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