Homeowners looking a for a good deal on replacement windows often have to search around before they find the right choice to meet their needs. For some, the selection process can be easy – what windows best complement the decor of a home?

Others, however, may be less taken in by the striking look of Bay and Bow windows, and rather, end up fixated on the kinds of advantages that these windows can provide for their total energy savings. This is where low-emissivity and argon gas can be a tremendous benefit.

Consider these helpful tips below to gain a better understanding of how low-E and argon gas can improve overall heating and cooling costs while also making windows a more worthwhile and energy-efficient investment.

R-value and U-value
Many homeowners may not believe it, but windows are significantly tied to the heating and cooling costs of a home and serve far more than just a decorative function within a house. While the right selection of Marvin replacement windows can enhance the curbside value of a dwelling, they can equally impact the amount of money homeowners save annually on utilities.

How is this the case? The strength of vinyl replacement windows or any other type of replacement is built on the R-value they contain, or the measure of insulation's ability to stand up to the thermal pressure that travels through it. The higher the R-value, the better certain types of windows will be able to resist thermal exposure, or conversely, stand up to extreme cold coming from outside.

R-value recommendations can vary by region and are also linked to U-value, which is the rate at which a window loses heat through conduction, convection, radiation and air leakage. Understanding that both can impact the quality of heat or cool air in a home is essential for preserving costs over time.

The role of low-E and argon
Unlike systems of measurement like R-value or U-value, windows featuring low-E and argon gas are designed to limit the leakage of exterior weather conditions in the home. During the summer, windows coated with low-E and argon gas will help keep the temperature from an air conditioning system cool, while in the winter months, these windows work to prevent cold air from penetrating a home's interior. 

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