Along with your bedroom, the bathroom is one of the most private spaces in your home. However, despite the fact that this room's not meant to be a place where outsiders can peek in, without windows it will appear lacking. This is why you should keep the bathroom in mind when you're considering installing new fiberglass replacement windows throughout your home. Like any other room in your abode, a bathroom can benefit from the natural light and breeze that windows can offer, which is why it may be time to add some new ones to this space. 

Many different types of windows work in a bathroom, and you should consider the benefits of each one before making your decision. 

Tall windows
Better Homes and Gardens magazine explained that you can make the windows a focal point in your bathroom by having a tall round top window placed by your bathtub. This way, you can enjoy bathing in natural light – just make sure to get some sheer curtains so you don't show off too much. 

Wall-to-wall windows
If you live in an isolated area, or if your bathroom is on the top floor of your home and positioned in a way that no one could see into it, you may want to consider having dramatic wall-to-wall windows. These can be an especially good choice if you live somewhere where there are lots of beautiful trees and flowers around, so you can feel as though you're getting ready for work each day while being inspired by nature. 

Small and high windows
Of course, not everyone lives in a wooded area where privacy is not a concern. If you live in a crowded neighborhood, that doesn't mean that you can't have windows in your bathroom – however it does affect where you choose to place them. recommended that you keep bathroom windows high and small, so that you can still get some natural light into the room, but you won't have to worry about people having the opportunity to look in. If you choose to have high and small windows, you may want to make them round as well if you're looking to show off your unique style. 

Corner window
If you want to make your bathroom look larger and get as much natural light in there as possible, you should consider placing a medium-sized window in the corner of your bathroom near a large mirror. The mirror will not only help the room look larger, but the window will as well. This way, you'll be able to get a lot of light into your home without having to worry about sacrificing privacy. Remember, you don't have to deny yourself the bathroom window of your dreams just because you're concerned about privacy. There are a variety of window treatments available to cover any sort of style or taste. 

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