Do you have a large, beautiful attic, but you’re unsure of what to do with it? You shouldn’t treat your attic as a simply storage area if it has the potential to be an extra living space in your home. This is why you should consider installing some Marvin replacement windows in in your attic and making some other small touches that can turn this previously unused room into the perfect place for the whole family to hang out – or even into a spare bedroom for your ever-growing children.

The first think you’ll need to do to turn an attic into a living space is to make sure it’s up to code. There are certain standards that a living space has to have, including clear exits and making sure that the attic is high enough. You’ll have to contact your local building inspectors to find out what you need to do. Once you’ve dealt with all of the legal logistics, you can move on to more of the fun stuff – like choosing the perfect windows for your attic.

Have you always wanted a skylight in your home so you can soak in the sun’s rays within the comfort of your own room? If so, the attic is the perfect room to place a skylight in. Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommended that if your home’s plumbing system will allow it, you should consider placing a luxury bathroom in your attic with a skylight so you can take a relaxing soak in the tub and experience the warmth of the sun or look up at the stars.

Wide windows
While it’s not a pleasant thought, there could be an emergency in your home and a person could get trapped in the attic if that occurs. This is why you may want to consider installing a large, wide window in the attic that is big enough for a person to climb out of if he or she needed to. You should also keep a rope ladder out there so that, if necessary, a person could use it to climb out the window.

Casement windows suggested using this type of window in an attic, which can help add a little elegance to an attic and make it feel a little more like a living space.

No matter what type of windows you choose for your attic, you’ll want to make sure that they’re durable. An attic space may be a little trickier to heat than other parts of your home, and it could also be more vulnerable to the threat of large, tall trees during a hurricane or other storms. However, with the right vinyl replacement windows, you won’t have to worry about a simple tap with a branch causing a disaster in your new living space.

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