As any house-hunting advisor will tell you, there are a number of things that matter significantly when you're looking for a new home – but one of them is more important than all the rest. While the state of the kitchen counters, the flooring style and even the yard and landscaping are all things that should be taken into consideration, they don't trump lighting.

Lighting is an extremely ethereal feature in the home. It's hard to pin down, largely because it changes so much over the course of the day. While lamps and overhead light fixtures can make a difference, it's windows that truly illuminate your home. This is why renovating homeowners choose Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey for their projects. Better windows mean better lighting, because natural light always trumps artificial. But why does a well-lit home matter?

To appreciate your decor
You've put a lot of time into picking out each piece of furniture and artwork in your home, from the window valances to your fireplace mantle or that elegant – yet cozy – old armchair. In order to appreciate these at their best and allow your guests to do the same, you want to make sure you have a superior lighting source, like fiberglass replacement windows.

As lighting expert Lucy Martin notes in an interview with FreshHome, it's difficult to replicate the clarity of natural daylight. Sunlight offers us color in full spectrum, meaning we see hues more clearly and brightly than we would with artificial light. While technology is catching up, there's still no replacement for a sunbeam through a window.

To remain energy efficient
The source also notes that the need for energy efficiency has led to a movement toward more glass being used in domestic buildings. When artificial light can be used more sparingly, homeowners can save on their utility bills and significantly reduce their own carbon footprints. The bigger the windows the more light the home can store.

Some homeowners might worry that all that light would overheat their rooms, however, leading to higher air conditioning bills. Luckily, Marvin has the solution to that concern. Not only does Marvin take your geographical location into account when designing more energy efficient windows for your home, but a host of features helps you stay energy efficient: Windows that reflect solar radiation keep rooms cooler – and for cooler climates, you can invest in windows that help insulate heat within the home.

To establish a mood
While doctors and scientists will tell you about the many benefits of getting your daily dose of vitamin D, the fact is that a well-lit home inspires a good mood. So make sure your house has a sunny perspective by opening it up to natural light!

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