More and more people are working out of home offices in today's business world. This is not only due to the entrepreneurial men and women who are starting their own small businesses and starting them in their houses. It also stems from the preponderance of modern careers that can be accomplished from home thanks to the Internet. Plenty of companies have adopted the bring your own device (BYOD) approach, which allows employees to access corporate data and platforms on their personal laptops and mobile devices and take their work with them wherever they go. Often, this translates to working at home whenever it is more convenient to do so.

If you decide that you're going to be working from home on a relatively regular basis, it's wise to maintain one of the rooms in your home as a dedicated office. The atmosphere of this room is extremely important, as it can either make or break your productivity, and windows are highly important to that atmosphere. 

Considering lighting
First, you need to think about whether you want to have an extremely well-lit office or one where the light that passes through is concentrated on a specific area – such as the space where you place your office desk. The grille of the window you have for your home office is therefore important, as it can let in more or less light. Marvin replacement windows, for example, come with a wide variety of divided lite or grilles-between-the-glass designs, so you'll want to review a number of different options.

If you want something of a rustic look to the interior of your home office, and it fits with the rest of the room's decor, wood windows might be the right choice for this space. Wood species such as pine, mahogany, cherry, white oak and Douglas fir are all available, and any one of these might be just the ticket to make your home office a warm and inviting place to get your tasks done.

While the aforementioned concerns are worth thinking about, you can't neglect the bottom line. Working at home means using a computer and possibly a smartphone, tablet, printer and other electronics. In the interest of energy efficiency, you might want to pick a window for your home office that reflects and absorbs light and heat in the most optimal way possible.