The time has come to replace the “eyes” of your home. Maybe, the windows you loved so passionately have aged and deteriorated beyond repair. Maybe, your windows were not well-insulated or built for energy efficiency. Or maybe, you are in the middle of a major makeover and want everything to be new and shiny again. Whatever your reason for undertaking a window replacement project, it’s time to get it right and budget everything with care and precision.

Consider Energy-Efficiency

With energy expenditure on the rise, replacing your windows provides the perfect opportunity for homeowners to upgrade the energy efficiency of their home. According to the Department of Energy, “A window’s energy efficiency is dependent upon all of its components. Window frames conduct heat, contributing to a window’s overall energy efficiency, particularly its U-factor.” The type of materials you choose need to have strong insulation and superior thermal performance. In this case, homeowners considering aluminum and metal frames are recommended to insert an insulated plastic strip called “thermal break” in between the the frame and sash. Meanwhile, awnings, weatherstrips, and other tools are popular treatment options to keep air from escaping your windows.

What Kind of Atmosphere Do I Wish to Evoke?

The home renovation industry offers a plethora of window styles to complement the aesthetics of your home. Some popular window styles include bay, awning, double hung, bow, and polygon. Bay windows are excellent for creating a open space in your home. The outward projection also evokes the feeling of a private vacation getaway, making your living space both relaxing and refreshing. Polygon windows, on the other hand, add a witty and creative flair to your interior and exterior design. Whether you want a triangle or a star-shaped window, polygon windows can be customized for your unique purposes.

Preference and Style

Enhance the design and atmosphere of your rooms with the window styles you love. While some homeowners may prefer using large double hung windows to integrate colors of nature into their cooking environment, others may prefer medium-sized awning windows to create a personable kitchen space. Bedrooms are usually private areas, so something as simple as a casement or glider window is sufficient to add ventilation and natural lighting into this intimate living space. In the end, pairing your window style with the rooms around your house is a matter of personal preference. There’s no right or wrong, as long as you are happy with the results.

Research, Research, Research

Planning for your window replacement project not only gives you a decent estimation of your expenses, but also enables you to tackle the project with flexibility and creativity. When hiring a window replacement contractor, spend some time researching the company’s history, reading reviews, and asking friends and families for advice. Do not be afraid to compare prices and negotiate. As always, never compromise the quality of your window material and installation service in the name of expediency. Quality and affordability should always come in a single package. Anything less is a red flag for you.