For many people, the patio door is purely functional at best. At worst, it’s rickety, slams shut, shudders, snaps, or is just plain difficult to open or close. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not only can your patio door be a fully-functioning feature of your home, it can also function as a stunning architectural feature that can add a ton of versatility. Below, check out four great reasons to include a new patio door in your next home remodeling project.

1. Let there Be Light

Believe it or not, both Sliding Patio Doors and French Doors can dramatically increase the amount of light in your home. Both options usually feature tall glass panels that help draw the eye up, and can help make a small room look much larger. Plus, the panes allow you to have a clear view out onto your patio, giving you greater enjoyment of your outdoor space. If you really want to go all-out, consider creating a panoramic view by widening your door frame to accommodate several panels.

2. Smooth Operator

Here is where quality comes in. In lesser-quality doors, weather fluctuations can cause drastic damage such as seal failures, which reduce the energy efficiency of your home and compromise your security. Plus, doors that are difficult to open and close means you can’t use your patio to its full potential, and the unpredictability of the door swing can be dangerous when you’re carrying things inside and outside.

3. Open Up

Having the perfect patio door may seem like some sort of fairy tale dream that is just out of your grasp, but it is possible. There are certain things you’ll need to take into account: style, accessibility, functionality, and type of glass. Having the perfect patio door will help you get the most out of your home, as it allows you to seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Whether you love to garden, entertain, or simply sit back and relax on the patio, having a versatile patio door creates so many more living options. For example, opening up a wide, sliding patio door allows guests to freely mingle inside and outside, and helps you circulate and tend to your guests with ease. Or, if a swinging French door is more your style, then open those doors to let in a little extra fresh air, and take a peek onto your beautiful view. For any additional air or breeze, adding a screen door to your patio door may be a good idea.

4. Energy Efficiency

The key to getting energy efficiency out of your patio doors is choosing the right type of glass. Fiberglass, known for its insulating capabilities, can help greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home. When it comes down to a choice between fiberglass and vinyl, you’ll want to compare before you decide. That’s because with fiberglass seals are secure, ensuring no cool air escapes or leaks in during the winter. The insulating properties of your patio door will help keep the temperature of your home consistent, which will help you save on your heating and cooling bills. Though, vinyl may have its own qualities, it may ultimately cost you more in the end.