Patio doors are loved for creating drama and enhancing the charisma of both your indoor and outdoor spaces. With their elegant frames nestled comfortably against your wall, these amazing products not only enable you to enjoy a view of the outside world without losing a bit of your indoor warmth and comfort, but also open up your room with a touch of nature’s vigor. For anyone looking for the perfect patio door, here are some practical tips to help you sort through the variety of options:

Begin With Your Home

First things first, where would your patio door be installed? The available space for installation, the type of room, and the design of that particular interior space needs to be carefully measured and evaluated before you search for the perfect patio door:

  • Know where you would be installing your patio door
  • Measure the available wall/open space to get an idea of the expected dimension
  • Determine the walkway and furniture space around the installation spot
  • Inspect the interior design of the room to determine the kind of feel you wish to promote

Determine Your Patio Style & Design

The market offers a plethora of patio doors and styles. There is virtually a patio door for every application, so determining your aesthetic preference early on in the game will help you filter through various patio door designs and narrow down your choices:

  • Sliding Patio Doors

Perfect for homes with a contemporary flair and a streamlined look, sliding patio doors provide a private and personal entry for you to access your patio space, and vice versa. They do not take additional opening space and can be customized to include more than one glass panel.

  • Sliding French Doors

Designed to fit homes with a more classic and traditional style, sliding French doors give your home an upscale look and are an excellent choice for homes with an extra-large installation space to fully display its charm.

  • Swinging French Doors

The elegant swinging French doors open outwards or inwards instead of gliding horizontally across the track. Suitable for a variety of home styles, the benefits of swinging French doors are maximized when it can be swung wide open without hindrance from furniture or space.

Choose Your Materials with Care

When it comes to choosing the materials for your patio doors, factors such as budget, energy efficiency, and style preference are among your considerations:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass

Of the listed materials, wood requires constant upkeep and are generally very expensive. Steel and aluminum are sturdy but subject to rust, scratch, and dent. Vinyl, on the other hand, is popular for its economic benefits. However, extreme temperatures can cause it to crack and suffer damage long before its service time ends. According to Angie’s List, fiberglass is probably the best choice of all. “Fiberglass can be designed to mimic the look of wood perfectly” without succumbing to any of its flaw. Fiberglass patio doors are durable, energy efficient, and require virtually no maintenance on your part.

Complement Your Patio Doors with the Right Treatment Options

Depending on the interior and exterior design of your home, your patio door may look great as standalone or with additional window treatment options. Use curtains, blinds, awnings, or other window decorative devices to highlight your gorgeous patio door, while giving it an air of formality, elegance, or any flair you wish to inspire.