Replacing your windows is something many of us try to avoid but sometimes there’s no avoiding such a task. For some, it is as seen as an exhaustive and painstaking task. However, it is important to monitor the performance of your window and assure it is functioning at full capability. There are several warning signs that serve as prime indicators that it may be time to replace windows. Failing to replace your windows at the appropriate time can yield a variety of consequences. Some of these consequences, include: an increase in energy bills, poor insulation, and in some drastic cases, window failure. Furthermore, weathered windows that have eclipsed their life expectancy are more likely to be compromised when exposed to the adverse conditions they normally endure and repel. Here are some common occurrences that indicate it may be time to replace your windows:


Many contractors regard this as one of the biggest and most common indicators. A draft indicates that there is an influx of air infiltration that was not present previously. This is a common sign that the window is failing to keep the appropriate amount of interior air in the home and the appropriate amount of external air out. A draft shows that there is in fact a compromise in the seal and this can be rather detrimental to your cooling or heating bill, as the system will have to work harder to compensate for infiltration. This situation can intensify and further raise home heating or cooling bills each year if not addressed.


For wood window owners, this is often the result of exposure to moisture or the elements. In essence, the casing can contract or expand and directly affect the performance of the window. In all cases the windows are no longer functioning properly; however, the severity of this can range. A draft can now be created from a loosened grip or the window can be under constant duress from an increase in pressure due to contraction. The long-term effects of this can be calamitous. In addition to this being a chronic condition that has no remedy other than a replacement, poor sealing can lead to the prospect of flooding in rain events, diminished durability ,and even window failure. Warping must be solely addressed by replacing the window as soon as possible.

Difficulty Closing or Opening Windows

Some windows are just a “pain” to open, but if this is a recent development it may also serve as a suitable indicator that is time to replace your windows. Essentially, this derives from a failure of balance. This is most commonly seen in single or double hung windows, but in any event this must be addressed immediately. A failure of balance can pose potential hazards that are quite perilous. At this point, the window cannot stay open or closed properly and with this comes the potential for trouble. Simply put, if you are having a hard time closing or opening that pesky window, it may be time for a whole new aperture.